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This blog is filled with stuff that simply comes to mind that's too long to tweet.

It's mostly my observations as I try to make it in the advertising industry. It keeps me writing and, hopefully, gets you reading.

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  • March 21, 2011 4:11 pm

    Awesome Story.

    "My mate used to really be into Diablo. He used to lock himself in his room and play. The rest of us thought he was wanking or something. One day we decided to bust his door down and we found him at his desk just playing Diablo.

    I’d rather be caught wanking.”

    - Alan Jones, Copywriter

  • January 19, 2011 11:24 am

    Nothing Like A Short Story or, I’m Kind Of A Hypocrite.

    Ok, I know I posted an article recently about how the best way to communicate is the old fashioned way of the bard; storytelling in person. Although it is infinitely entertaining and much more interactive, something more concise can be just as interesting.

    I’ve heard this following quote come from so many writers, I have no idea who actually said it. I was told Mark Twain once wrote to a friend:

    "I’m sorry for writing such a long letter for I did not have time to write a short one."

    I suppose I should Google that, but who said it doesn’t matter at all. It means that it’s a lot more challenging to write something in fewer words. Give a (bad) writer all the freedom he wants, and he becomes verbose as hell.

    To be able to sum up complicated ideas and thoughts into a mere sentence or even a handful of words is damned skillful.

    And graceful.

    Not to mention admirable.

    And actually kinda sexy.

    Which is why I squealed to myself in geekish pleasure when I came across this wonderful website: Espresso Stories.

    Like the name implies, this site contains thousands of stories that are 25 words or less (the time it takes to read them and drink an espresso are roughly the same). All submitted by writers* from around the world.

    It’s phenomenal what people can tell in just a few words.

    Other times, it can be frustrating as hell:

    "Hi there! How was your trip backpacking through Europe?"

    "Yeah, it was good."

    Some of my favourite stories:

    'This Is Ned' - Zac Petrich

    'Blood Sucker' - Jiminy Rockerfeller Plaza

    'Perspective' - Vijayendra Mohanty

    'Doubtful Wishing' - Elisabeth B

    'The Point Of No Return' - Colin Fraser

    This is my most favourite:

    'Illiterate' - Lorenzo Trenti

    *I say ‘writers’, but that just means anyone, really. Ever written a status update or a tweet that people have particularly responded to? It could be a best-seller on Espresso Stories.