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This blog is filled with stuff that simply comes to mind that's too long to tweet.

It's mostly my observations as I try to make it in the advertising industry. It keeps me writing and, hopefully, gets you reading.

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  • January 17, 2012 6:22 pm

    Doodling or, What I Do When My Brain’s Not Looking

    Some of my favourite drawings I’ve done have come from the corners of my Moleskine while I’ve been in lectures, meetings, brainstorms or on the phone.

    It just goes to show the cool things you can come up with when you switch your brain off and let your subconscious take control.

    I’m not saying these are fantastic, innovative thoughts, but I’ve enjoyed the results - even if it’s something as little as a doodle. They’re just cool to look at, really.

    And if you could come up with an idea that you can be excited about and spend time with by switching off from time to time, then it’s totally worth it.